Crusade of Legends


Chapter 2:  The Battle for Daezhan
A decade ago, visitors from a distant land came to Aldarin.

We called them The Outlanders.

Scholars advise there is no doubt that they played roles, on both sides of the Great War that claimed the lives of thousands of our friends, family, and countrymen.

One of the Outlanders, Alexis, destroyed Agrinos and freed us from his potential reign of terror.

A few have even been linked to the religious faction that was responsible for the schism of the church and the coming of N'Arkovos.

There is still great debate on whether the outlanders' roles in destroying and subsequently rebuilding our great nations and directing us to the path we are taking deserve thanks or condemnation.

Regardless, all know that this group helped to shape the way we now see our lives, our world, and even our universe.

But where are they?  Where have they gone?  They've disappeared as mysteriously as they arrived.  Perhaps they weren't mortal at all.  Perhaps they were just what our world needed at that time.
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About Us
Crusade of Legends is a Live-Action Role-Playing game in the Denver Metro area.  It began in early 2008 and was launched under the campaign Chapter 1: Rise of Agrinos.
 Chapter one played until 2013.

Chapter 2: The Battle for Daerzhan was released in March of 2018 following a 5 year hiatus in which the rule system and vision of the LARP was vastly improved.